Before and After Photos

Left; Merranie and I had decided on a cooler palette for her eyes, lips and cheeks, but still very natural and soft.

Photos by Amy Fletcher.

I had the pleasure of creating a warm, natural glow for first time bride, Ingrid.


Far left; photography by Leah Marie Photography + Stationary.

All other photos by Amy Fletcher.

Above; Sandy needed some headshots, so I took her from softer lips and earth tones to red lips with more drama. Photos by Teodora Dakova.

Left; For the bridesmaids, I used the exact same warm eyeshadow palette but applied it differently on each girl. The bride got a completely different color palette that helped her stand out. Everyone's makeup was kept as soft and as natural as possible. 

Photos by Amy Fletcher.

Below; who doesn't love a great Halloween makeover? She requested Johnny Depp's version of the Mad Hatter. Photo by Amy Fletcher

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