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Woman with long curly hair smiling into the camera
About Me

I am a fine artist, professional makeup artist, celebrant, sometime writer, DIY gal, beginning iris hybridizer and migraineur. I became interested in clean makeup after working in the cosmetic industry for over 18 years (Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier, MAC, you name it!)
I began suffering from chronic migraines, which forced me to retire from my beloved job as a full-time makeup artist, but then allowed me to pursue my next careers as a self-employed fine artist (primarily oil and cold wax, mixed media and photography) and independent makeup artist.
In the summer of 2017, I had a three month bout of dermatitis akin to rosacea with no known "cause" and with oral antibiotics the only treatment. I stepped back and really looked at the ingredients in cosmetics––ingredients that are unregulated by our government and often ILLEGAL in other countries. I started a spreadsheet, reached out to others for recommendations and then decided to expand the love and beauty that comes with makeup that is so pure you could eat it
Before lockdown, I started growing out my pixie and stopped dying my hair. I love my silver streaks! I am embracing growing older gracefully and bringing my love of great skin and soft glam to ya'll.


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